Unlocks ecology of each assets.

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    Everyday spending - Manage funds effortlessly
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    App Event — Mulitiple event to earn WEN
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    Safer storage — Enhanced app security
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Here's how we do things differently

Stay connect is just as easy as a click

We get you stay in touch with other WEN ecosystem platforms by auto sign in with WEN ECO App. WEN ECO App directs users from all WEN ecology platforms to linked among one another as it also play a role to be a “centre point” in among WEN ecosystem

Security Features

Security is important for WEN ECO App, how the secret phrase is created and store is essential to the security of the wallet, and it also magnificent to the security of the assets in the wallet. WEN Eco App is consists of a combination of a switchable blockchain wallet and an escrow wallet which link to your registered account.

Dynamic Mining activities

You may participate in various customised mining models diversified by different project owner!

Gain access to Blockchain Ecosystem

WEN ECO App serve as a HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) crypto wallet App which support various blockchain assets
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BTC ,Tron coming soon

Apps Installation Guide

Download your WEN ECO APP and begin your exciting blockchain journey with us by the steps below.

Step 1

Download Weneco App. Click the button to download

Step 2

Click【 Open 】to open the downloaded APK file.

Step 3

Click【 Install 】to begin the installation of the APK file.

Step 4

After Installation,Click【 Open 】to start the WEN Eco App

You’ll Stay right up to date, ever.

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